British Values

We are aware of British Values and the positive affects these have on the children in our care. We therefore promote them whenever possible through our planned and spontaneous activities and experiences.


Encouraging everyone within Nursery to share their views and opinions to support our efforts to continually improve the service we provide and to help make decisions which affect our Nursery.

The Rule of Law
To support children’s morals and understanding of right and wrong. At Nursery we have a strict no bullying, racial or verbal abuse policy and this is something we feel is important for children to understand as they learn and grow.
Individual Liberty
We promote independence, personal choice, self-awareness and also confidence whenever possible as we feel that these characteristics are the building blocks of a child’s wellbeing and resilience.
Mutual Tolerance and Respect

We encourage all children to respect that people are different based on their culture, religion or background and celebrate these differences through role play, special occasions, cultural resources and conversational group activities.