child at play

our staff

All members of staff are employed with regard to their friendly professional manner towards parents/ guardians, children and colleagues. At Central Park we feel a happy atmosphere results in happy secure children.

All our staff hold recognised childcare qualifications and are encouraged to update their knowledge with regard to First Aid, Food Hygiene, child protection, and Manual Handling this is to name just a few. Stringent checks are carried out on all staff prior to employment.

We review our knowledge on ever changing legislation to ensure that all legal requirements are met and understood. In order to achieve this we have regular training courses for staff and management.

All staff work as a team, supporting each other and complementing each other’s talents. Staff recognise the need for confidentiality at all times regarding other members of staff, children and parents with whom they have contact.

our aim

At Central Park Nursery our primary aim is to care, educate and stimulate the children, monitoring the child's development and recording his/her progress. It is with this in mind that the staff plan daily activities to both stimulate and educate all the children in their care. We also do daily diaries for our parents/ guardians so that they can read at there leisure once at home, but above all we feel personal contact is the best we will endeavour to talk to each parent at the end of a day informing them of their childs day. To enable us to give the best possible care, it is important that we build good relationships with our parents/guardians and that we are available at all times to talk through any problems or matters that may arise concerning the child.

other professionals

We liase with other professional bodies such as social services, Ofsted, and Local Education Authority to ensure good quality care is maintained and that standards are constantly reviewed and assessed. Assessments take the form of staff appraisals, parent suggestions, consultation with staff, and parents.

We have regular fun days where staff and children dress up, enjoy learning about different cultures, playing party games and above all having lots of fun.