child at play

activities at nursery

At Central Park Nursery we follow the EYFS (Early years foundation stage) we follow this from birth until their fifth birthday. This will be continued at school until the end of the reception class year at school.

At Nursery we feel that children do best when parents and professionals work together.
It is important to remember that you know more about your own child than anyone else. At nursery we will be asking you about your child and sharing information with you about your child's progress.

At Central Park Nursery we realize that it is very important that all activities are appropriate to the age and stage of the children. With this in mind we follow the EYFS-Early Years Foundation stage guidelines for planning and guidance.

For our babies we have mobiles, activity centre's , musical toys and above all human contact, which includes lots of cuddles, singing, talking and reading too.

child at playFor our toddlers we have walkers, colour full bricks, stacking toys, painting activities with finger and jumbo brushes, sand and water play and lots of drawing and sticky pictures to name just a few.

In our Two's room we have musical instruments, jelly play, lots of messy activities, music and movement, ball pool, quieter time to enjoy books listen to stories, cooking and lots more.

In our pre-school rooms we introduce a greater amount of educational activities working from themes which promote writing and numerical skills, ICT skills using our computers and interactive white boards and of course usual playing in the sand and water tray, playing with play dough, reading stories, construction, role play and small world toys.

Throughout our Nursery the emphasis of activities is "learning through play" when children learn without realizing it.