our food

Central Park Nursery has its own kitchen and a qualified chef who prepares all the meals fresh on the premises each day. We provide Breakfast served up to 9am, a mid morning snack, a cooked lunch and pudding, an afternoon snack and light tea. These times are treated above all as social occasions and staff and children will take this opportunity to converse and eat together. We also cater for all special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, religious reasons or allergic to any foods.

Here are some examples of a typical day’s menu:

Breakfast Mid morning snack Lunch Afternoon Snack Tea
Cereal, toast and a choice of milk or water 1/4 toasted muffin, spread with low fat cream cheese, skinned apple and segments of satsuma, milk or water Vegetarian/ lamb curry boiled rice pudding - rhubarb crumble & custard, milk, water or orange Homemade pot noodles, milk or water Assorted sandwiches, bread sticks, Orange sponge cake, pickled onions sliced carrots and celery, milk, water or orange

We currently hold a platinum healthy eating award and 5 stars for our excellent food safety standards; a certificate along with our menu board displaying our four weekly menus is located in the reception area.